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Jason Weilbaker - The Mastermind

Just like ol' blue eyes, The Mastermind leads this rat pack of creative visionaries. Planning and coordinating projects as seamless as an Ocean's 11 style bank heist, The Mastermind also lends his skills in the area of motion pictures to the team - just like Sinatra.

Chris Brown - The Designsmith

Forged from the molten pixels of a Macintosh, The Designsmith's wares are a business's best weapons. Razor sharp logos and branding coupled with the finest web and print design is what gives clients the upper hand over the competition.



Your brand is everything. Consider us the reconstructive surgeons of the design industry, creating you a beautiful new face for your company. Logos and business cards are not all that encompass the realm of branding and identity. Let us show you what else we can do with your image.

Website Development

No cheesy templates here. We will… get this… build and design you a website from scratch; custom made just for you. Our abilities range from simple three page to complex E-Commerce websites. Part of the web development process we especially enjoy is learning about your company. This enables us to identify your unique characteristics and promote your online presence.

Print Design

Who says print is dead? Print design embodies anything from annual reports and brochures to billboards and campaign propaganda. No matter what, Pearachute will rock it. We possess the versatility to showcase your company's professionalism during the day and flaunt your favorite band's nonsensical style by night. We will help you peg what types of material would be most beneficial to your outfit, and then make it happen.


A good photograph will tell the story of your product or business. There are no snap shots here at Pearachute. From lighting to lens choice every detail is preplanned to give you world class imagery attracting potential clients and putting you leagues above the competition. Whether it’s Architecture, products, portraits or storytelling – we have done it all. Let us tell your story.

Marketing Consulting

Putting all of the pieces together for a successful marketing campaign is our specialty. Having all the tools and knowing how to use them is priceless. Not only do we give you those tools, but we work with you to devise a plan and put it into action from start to finish.

Social Media Strategists

Social Media is today’s hottest trend in marketing and we’re here to devise a strategy for you to harness its power to build your brand. Connecting with potential clients via social networking is a must for any business competing in today’s market. We’re here not only to get you started, but to create a plan for you to implement and follow for continued success. We’ll train you for success in 140 characters or less.

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