Cancer Blows Photo Shoot – Part 3

When we booked the job I immediately knew that I didn’t want this to be a standard T-shirt shoot. Shooting a dozen models on a plain background modeling a T-shirt can be a pretty basic and an often boring shoot for the end viewer. It became our goal to not only cast models whose personality would show through in the end photographs but also that could take such a serious subject and have fun with it through expression and a variety of props.

Through the casting process we felt we should not look for the best “models” but the best individuals. We were looking for people that were not only passionate about the cause, but also that had the ability to be themselves and have fun with the shoot rather than looking at it like a professional job. This not only made our day much more fun, but also gave us some images that better identify with the Cancer Blows brand.

Technically speaking, we shot 2 different lighting setups with 2 different colored seamless backgrounds all with a variety of props – including balloons and bubbles.  For about half of the shots we used a ring light for effect and to give the photos a slightly more edgy and less catalog feel. The second half we shot with a single key light at a 45 degree angle to the camera – a more typical, less edgy set up. Later we added a background light to the mix to make the subject pop.  The key to achieving the look of the photos lies heavily on the models personalities and the props and less on the technical photography aspects.

At the end of the day, this project is about being creative, having fun and staying positive in the face of such a devastating disease. I am confident that the photos evokes the same feeling and will help this project reach people not only locally, but across the country and hopefully someday but an end such a horrible disease.

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